By Stephen Okhutu

—Give yourself a reason to live—–
Did you know that your mind can prepare you to die when you are not yet due? Did you also know that in most cases people die because they are living a life without purpose? Most people don’t have a reason to live and this is why they are living a risky life. In most cases what you think will determine your lifestyle.

Now that we are ending the year 2017, we need to have a reason why we should live through 2018. We should not live life by chance. We should not bet on life. Let us live a life of purpose.

Living a purposeful life starts by defining what we want to be. It starts by forecasting our future and see how we want to end our life. For instance, when do you want to die? If you can’t answer this question positively with all your faith then it means you are ready to die anytime.

Have a year planner (life planner) where all your objectives are listed. If you don’t then death may impose itself on you. It may find an empty time in your life and fit itself in. Give death an appointment such that it does not visit you anytime. This will also apply to illnesses.

Diseases are like idle visitors, they don’t stay long if they find you busy.

You are busy and therefore you need to give yourself time to prioritize your appointments. Don’t just allow anything or anyone to visit you anytime. Yes, even death should first ask for permission from you before you guys meet!
Say you want to die when you are 98 years old. Then let death look for you during that time. You will therefore concentrate on the things and people who matter in your life.

Now that you know this, let us now learn how to break down our life activities.


In business we write reports every month and every year. These reports are then presented in a meeting and discussed to see how business can become practical. This is the most important practice in business because it helps in planning.

At individual level, we go to church or stadiums every December 31st to pray to God for a better life. Our pastors call this “End of year overnight prayer”. The prayer which your pastor will say that it is preparing you for success in the new year.

Typical is this prayer is your writing down of what you want to achieve in the new year. I you don’t know what a vision board is and what vision casting is, you may end up getting emotional and copying from your neighbors. Some people just write to impress others!

The vision board is a budget of your time. Study your life carefully during this budgeting process. Prioritize your life activities. Perhaps at this stage what you need is a job. May be at this stage you need to go back to school.
Imagine you are 2 months pregnant woman; don’t budget to have a child next month. You must see through the 9 years. That is how life is meant to be.

This December is the time when we do reporting. Look at what you wanted to do this year, how much have you been able to achieve? What do you think helped you to achieve it? What did you fail to achieve? What do you think prevented you from achieving it?

Then use this knowledge to write down at most 6 things which you want to achieve in the New Year. These are the things which will take all your resources including your mind, your time and your money.