By Kiyimba Bruno

Basketball has never been a hard game to its players, Its simply out of love that you manage to achieve a dream that others think cannot come true.

Those were the words of Uganda’s finest 3 pointer shooter Nansobya Judith when approached after helping the UCU lady canons to win the National basketball league a third consecutive time.

We had a one on one interview with Nansobya and below are a few surprising things about her.

Watchdog: Judith how do you manage to make it?

Nansobya: Ha-ha… It is all about training. You always reap what you sow

Watchdog: Do you think UCU is the one which has made you what you’re?

Nansobya: UCU is one of the great teams that have mentored me. They got me from the KIU Rangers but still kept their promise of providing education to me.

Watchdog: what is your secret while on court?

Nansobya: My left hand can’t miss a 3 pointer. I simply trust it

Watchdog: Many sportsmen and women  do not want to study that high. What moved you?

Nansobya. My dear. It was commitment. We always play but there comes a time when you can no longer play. A time when you are old and at this time, it is your books that have to stand for you.

Watchdog: What’s your advise to fellow sportsmen?

Nansobya: They should use time when they still have it. Every single minute wasted is never recovered.

Nansobya helped UCU Lady Canons to win this year’s league title against KCCA leopards at a range that has taken long to exist in the Basketball of Uganda 4:0. She credits coach Nimrod Kaboha, the current coach of the KIU Rangers for mentoring her and also showing her the right path.