By Kiyimba Bruno

The president of the Uganda volleyball federation Hadijah Namanda left faces of participants in the Confederation of African Volleyball (CAVB) congress contented with the way she presented herself.

This all happened in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) where various stakeholders of the  volleyball fraternity gathered to express different views that can move the game to the front.

When she stood up to speak, you could not just ask where she comes from. But instead praise the person who innovated the Gomesi wear in Buganda.

Here the seven zones of Africa including Uganda presented their activity reports in front of the CAVB Congress at the session that took place

The president for Zone 2 Antonio Carlos Rodriquez highlighted the superiority of his zone in beach VB activity between the 8 countries of the zone, beside the 2018 Volleyball World Champs Qualifiers. This Hadijah said that it is a good move towards the Ugandan volleyball more especially the beach which has apparently lagged behind.

Currently Uganda plays the beach volleyball at the available beach resorts like Lido and Sports beach.