At the agency, David Case gave us  opportunities to sponge from all the resources so that we would never be stuck. We did accounts, media booking, deliveries and design. I refused to learn design because the creative space generally stressed me: you had swing on trees, dance on poles, serve tea to just get by our work out. I hated it.

Several years down the road, I was forced to start directing design for my clients and I need someone who would get me.

Ariho Kamara does; in more than 100 ways. He completes all my creative thoughts and lays them out just the way I want them.

Kamara pulls the strings of my creativity and ties them into a nice bow that I present to clients and customers. He has designed every piece of artwork for me over the years. DADS ONLY and other Igift brands are arrows out of his bow.

It’s been a gracious journey, I dont have to beg, cajole, dance, sing or serve tea.

Now he’s written a book. He’s opened his brilliant mind and spewed some of his awesomeness.

Kamara is a great Ad-man and a grounded professional. This here is food for your progressing soul. You need to buy this book.

Congratulations my friend. For real, kulika!