When you go to your first festival , you imagine that its going to be all about music , after though you realise its more about laughs, unforgettable time to spend with family & friends that you have not had in a long time .

Imagine how it would feel to be on the shores of the waters as old as Abraham , with the rhythmic pulse to its unmatched part of nature forging its own sounds and kindling its own sympathy .

If you find yourself visualising its glorious vastness, the dreamy surface and straining to hear the music like waves buzzing dominant strength , watching the waves crawling back and forth kissing the shores gently. By this you would therefore understand why the FISH FESTIVAL at UWEC is called the FESTIVE SEASON LOVERS FRIEND .
As you enter through the gates , the echo’s of the rumbles and hissing sounds from the wild life that is rather domestic .The beauty of the Zoo is heart swelling ,indeed paradise where sea gulls fly beneath your feet .

Indeed the FISH FEST 17 is one of its kind that attracts folks both famous and not so famous together . Attendees can look forward to amusements as visits from the nature, music, performances from the very best, beach gamesand serene environment that will leave memories not worth painting in books or told in stories but can only be told by the one that has experienced it. Children playing in the sand from the time the sun pours out its rays till dusk as parents enjoy the moments worth being lived .

How more interesting it gets as one tastes fish in all its sizes , flavours and types fresh from the waters served exactly the way one wishes it served . The nourishments to accompany the tasty creature with the soothing sound of the music glancing at the silver blue sky stretching from end to end .Its a moment that only your inner self can feel the pleasure . Why not end the year in style that will forever linger in the minds of your family and friends . The Festive season is indeed Festive with the Fish Festival come 17th December


Olivia K