By John Ssentongo

There’s something unusual on the social media pages of Sisimuka boss Frank Gashumba.

To give him a benefit of doubt, it is difficult to assume Mr Gashumba who has spoken to numerous groups of Ugandans in the past about the responsive use of social media, is the same person behind the posts. Could he be hacked?

Gashumba, an inspiring and insightful man, has been attacking Vision Group boss Robert Kabushenga calling him names. It’s not clear what’s between the two men but since court released Mr Gashumba after he was detained by the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence, he has used unflattering words to call out the Vision boss.

I am a firm believer in freedoms of speech and expression. On the other hand I believe people of some standing in society are above some language. For example, I have never forgiven President Museveni for his use of the phrase “go and eat your mother’s something”. That language is unacceptable for people of some caliber.

Social media has given many people a voice. It’s a market place without decorum, and without moderation. Everyone irrespective of their upbringing, has a space to speak up. Thus people without moral obligation can post anything to attract a like or comment. Not Gashumba.

Gashumba has always told his listeners and followers to be like his daughter Sheila who uses her platforms to do business instead of posting rubbish. I pray he walks the talk.