By Faridah Nakazibwe

Happiness Is Determined By Happenings And So It’s Based On Circumstances And So It’s Temporal.

But joy is an attitude of your heart and is rooted in knowing God. Joy can cause you to rejoice and praise even in a prison cell. Joy is a source of strength, when you rejoice despite what is happening around you, your heart becomes strong and you can face anything and win.

Happiness is emotional but joy is more than a feeling it’s a choice, a decision, an attitude that says despite what, You can still rejoice even when your pockets are empty because you know that God the provider will come through to you. You can rejoice even when in pain because you know that God is your healer.

You can rejoice even when you suffer injustice because you know God will come and avenge for you. You can rejoice at all times because you know that God is in control.

You don’t have to wait and see the walls coming down,you can shout in victory by faith and God will deal with the walls. When we pray, it’s important to know that God hears prayer and He answers prayer.

God is not deaf, He says, call unto me and I will answer you and I will show you great and wonderful things that you don’t know. God says, ask and you shall receive.