– Conjoined twins Lupita and Carmen have defied the odds and are now 16 years old

– They share a liver as well as circulatory, digestive and reproductive systems

– However, Lupita’s lungs are only functioning at 40 percent Conjoined Mexican twins Lupita and Carmen Andrade, whom doctors predicted would only survive for three days after birth, have defied those expectations and are now 16 years old. The twins, who are joined from the chest down to the pelvis, share a liver as well as circulatory, digestive and reproductive systems. They now live in Connecticut, US, and do everything together, including playing the piano and doing headstands.

While they each have two arms, they share two legs, with Carmen controlling the right leg and Lupita the left. However, doctors say as they grow older, the twins will face greater health challenges. Currently, Lupita suffers from scoliosis, which means her lungs are only functioning at 40 percent.

The conjoined twins pictured when younger Despite these risks, the girls are happy to remain conjoined. Carmen says: “And then there’s the whole psychological situation because we’ve been so used to, like, being together. I don’t think there’d be, like, a point.”

They jokingly add that if they were to be separated, they would each have one leg and, more seriously, many more years of physical therapy and natural body adjustments to go through. Carmen and Lupita have learned to share every aspect of the lives

Besides, doctors have consistently warned their family of the significant risks associated with a potential separation surgery since the twins were two years old. Furthermore, Lupita needs surgery to correct her scoliosis (curved spine), but the risks are too great to go through with it.

The twins pictured with their mother (left picture) and family members However, they are completely happy to share their bodies and enjoy each other’s company, altho Carmen is more outspoken and witty while Lupita is much quieter. Their mother, Norma, says whenever she brings up the subject of their separation, the twins ask her, “Why would you want to cut us in half?” Watch the twins talk about their education aspirations in the video below. Have something to add to this article or suggestions? Send to news@tuko.co.ke

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