By Watchdog reporter

Former intelligence operative Charles Rwomushana has told off Foreign Affairs minister Sam Kuteesa that he is not even fit to be an Ambassador in any serious country like Russia due to his incompetence.

Rwamushana was responding to an article in one of the local newspaper, where Kuteesa had complained that President Yoweri Museveni does not take his advice.

According to the political analyst, President Museveni appointed Kuteesa as minister because he is his in-law but he did not bring him on board due to his abilities citing that he has no advice to offer.

“Museveni appointed you because you are his in law. It’s not because of your incompetence,” said Rwamushana.
“Otherwise you are not even feet to be an Ambassador in any serious country like Russia,” he added.

Rwomushana further advised Kuteesa to continue with looting other than complaining.