By Watchdog reporter

We hope former intelligence operative Charles Rwomushana will not be the next victim to find his way to Luzira prison after Dr.Stella Nyanzi due to his sour statements against President Yoweri Museveni and the first family at large.

Remember, Dr. Nyanzi is in Luzira after calling President Museveni ‘a pair of buttocks’ and apparently when compared, Rwomushana’s statements are not far different from those of the jailed academia.

Since his exit from government, the political activist has been at loggerhead with the ruling party and he has been arrested several times following his controversial statements.

Now this time round, Rwomushana has thrown another bang against President Museveni. He has advised him to find a suitable solution for Nyanzi instead of imprisoning her citing that Museveni could deploy the state to fight a battle against a woman.

According to Rwomushana, women always protest like that so it’s the responsibility of a man to offer a woman what is missing in her life in this case, Nyanzi is protesting for sanitary pads; so what President Museveni should have done is to fulfill Nyanzi’s desire rather than jailing her.

Rwomushana’s full statement;

You can’t be a serious man and you beat leave alone imprisoning a woman who screams you buy sanitary pads for girls. ..

I now see what Museveni misses by not drinking waragi. ..

When men are confronted with serious challenges at home. fees, clothes for Easter or Christmas. ..meat for Christmas etc. ..serious men don’t beat their wives. ..

Apaana. .

They go to the bar and drink one or two ka Rusinzi or akafiiri or a kajoogo. …

I don’t take alcohol but do sauna. ..and you bang ka boozi. …ka conversation there. …

How do you chain a woman because ngu yaheerana. …Mbu she has quarrelled.

That is how women protest. ..

I have read somewhere mbu Kayihura came in for Janet.

Full men do not kukomberera women in their fight. …

How do you deploy a state because a woman abused you. .?

Once a woman in Kyambogo. ..I’m told in the intake of Kawarya of Afrigo band insulted Obote offered her a scholarship for Obote ‘ s suspicion was she was Ignorant and needed more knowledge. ..

Obote didn’t imprison Mumbere. ..

Apaana. ..

Obote took Mumbere for further studies. .

Strong and full men with power restrain their power. ..

That is what makes you a full man. ..

How can a full man deploy a battalion in a quarrel of women. …?

If a woman abuses you. …You tip toe her and make love to her.

You don’t imprison her. .

Have you heard American  FBI hunt down those who desplayed nude pictures of Trump’s wife. .?

Uganda is ashamed and cursed…

Just release that woman to go and breastfeed her children. ..and or we men should do something. ..

From yo friend Charles Rwomushana