By Kiyimba Bruno

The president of the Uganda Volleyball Federation [UVF] Miss Hadijah Namanda commended the organizers of the KIU open volleyball tournament for the tremendous work.

Speaking this, Hadijah was giving her remarks on the closing ceremony of a function that lasted for two days at the Kansanga based campus.

“Most of the volleyball tournaments we have been having have not been ending the way KIU OPEN was. To finish this tournament at this time and even give awards is even a credit.” Namanda adds

KIU men managed to win gold in institution category as Nkumba became second with silver in a 3:1 victory on Nkumba.

In the clubs men category, Sport S once again retained the title that in had been looking for the recent years as Vision Volleyball Club managed to win the trophy for the ladies club category.

In schools, Mbogo Mixed managed to win the trophy for boys as Rubaga Girls won the category of girls.

On Friday this weekend, Uganda shall be hosting the Zone five volleyball beach sachet at lido beach Entebbe and countries like Sudan, Kenya shall soon be in the country.

It is on this note that the president of UVF called upon all Ugandans to come in large numbers to support their country.