By Watchdog reporter

Mukono Municipality MP Betty Nambooze has said she has not been summoned by Democratic Party.

On Tuesday, DP Deputy Spokesperson Alex Waiswa revealed that ‘Bad DP’ leader was expected to appear before disciplinary committee on 20 April over her recent misconduct and disorganization of the party plans.

However Nambooze says she cannot attend the hearing even if they summon her because Party President Norbert Mao and his vice Fred Mukasa Mbidde cannot be the complainants and judges at the same time in any case against her.

“But even if I was summoned, I wouldn’t attend because the complainants Mao and Fred Mukasa Mbidde can’t be the complainant and the judge at the same time in any case against me,” She says.

Nambooze was summoned by her party for trying to convene a DP-Buganda delegate’s conference which had earlier been stopped by Mao through Police.