By Watchdog reporter

Just days remaining for Parliament to elect nine Ugandans to represent the country on East African Legislative Assembly (EALA), Forum for Democratic Change(FDC) President General, Mugisha Muntu has withdrawn Ingrid Turinawe’s candidature.

According to reliable information Watchdog has received, Muntu has written to Parliament revealing how he has withdrawn FDC’s National Mobilizer from EALA race.

However, the development has sparked outrage within the party which is divided into two camps; one for Muntu and another one for Kizza Besigye.

Apparently,Turinawe who belongs to ‘team’ Besigye is protesting, she insists that she is still a candidate.

She says Muntu has no power to withdraw her name.

However, Turinawe’s withdrawal from the race comes at the moment when the row between her and the MPs deepens. They vowed not to vote for her since she called them ‘pigs’.

Since FDC primaries, Turinawe’s candidature has been full of controversies.

After being floored by her opponent, Florence Ibi to represent the party in EALA race, FDC Secretary General Nandala Mafabi made a u-turn and decided to sent Turinawe’s name as party’s second representative for EALA race.