By Watchdog reporter
Australia-Uganda Natural Resources Initiative (A-UNRI)Executive Director, Jo Wigg has vowed to promote Uganda’s tourism on large Scale to Australians as the number one African tourism destination and as the friendliest country in the world.

While at a joint media briefing about Australia Tour Uganda Initiative with the Minister of Tourism, Godfrey Kiwanda Suubi, Jo Wigg said she is passionate about Ugandan hospitality, its friendly people, cultural diversity, unique nature and wildlife.

According to Jo Wigg, A-UNRI has been established to formalise the relationship with Uganda, to continue focusing on tourism, safe water, sustainable food supply and Education in and around tourism areas.

“I have been able to come along with 55 Australians to Uganda to do safaris and projects in tourism community areas,” Jo Wigg stated.

“My enthusiasm for Uganda has led me to speak formally to organisations and colleagues in Australia about Uganda. Several groups in Australia are booking me as guest speaker to share Africa ‘Uganda’ experiences,” she added.

Jo Wigg further said A-UNRI is going to continue increasing foreign investment in Uganda’s tourism communities as well as attracting professional volunteers to assist develop Ugandan tourism trade.