By Najibu Mulema

Michael Mpeirwe Katungi, one of the strongest East African Legislative Assembly(EALA) contestants among the 43 NRM nominees has decided to pull out of the race.

According to the press statement issued by Katungi, following the guidance of the NRM national chairperson, President Yoweri Museveni during the recent Central Executive Committee (CEC), he has decided to withdraw his candidature in the hope that hope that the greater good for Uganda, East Africa and Africa shall for now be best served by him remaining out of EALA and continuing his contribution in line of my professional service.

“This obviously is a bitter sweet moment. I am leaving a race in which I interacted with, engaged and persuaded an overwhelming number of members of parliament of Uganda to agree with my views about the need of fast tracking of the political federation, and deepening the defense and security architecture, among other priority areas,” Katungi said.

“I shall always remember the overwhelming support I got from members of parliament for my candidature. I am aware that this will be greatly disappointing to them. I request that they understand and appreciate the decision I have made,” He added.

Katungi has a strong CV and he was much feared by his competitors so his withdraw from the race is a relief to many candidates.

Now NRM nominees remain 42 to battle for the six slots allocated to the incumbent party.