By Najibu Mulema

Stress is ‘killing’ the self proclaimed East Africa’s number one musician,Joseph Mayanja alias Dr. Jose Chameleone following the previous sad incident where a 80 year old Jimmy Kato came out last week claiming to the real father of the singer.

Kato from Kalungu district said that back in the days, Prossy Mayanja (Chameleone’s mother) was his lover and they had a good time together but due to some irresistible outcomes, he was forced to go into exile in Tanzania where he spent four years and on returning to Uganda, he tried to look for her only to realize that she had married to Mzee Mayanja who by then used to reside in Kawempe.

Kato demanded for a DNA test to prove that Chameleone is his son though Prossy denied to have been in love with him and also declined the DNA demand.

However its alleged that ever since the claims landed in the ‘sweet banana’ singer, he has constantly demanded her mother to show him his real father because he doesn’t want to live in deceit.

Prossy still insists that Mzee Mayanja is the real father of the singer and she is not ready to give his son to another man who just claims without clear evidence.