By Najibu Mulema

The current unbearable prices of sugar in the country have forced the minister for trade, Hon. Amelia Kyambadde to warn the sugar factory owners to release reserves or government take an alternative of  allowing people to import sugar.

While appearing on NBS TV on the topical discussion show, Kyambadde revealed that  she was going to meet the sugar factory owners because the hiking sugar prices affects the economy citing it as an emergency.

“I’m meeting sugar factory owners; this is an emergency, they have to release reserves or we’re going to allow people to import,” Kyambadde said.

When asked about whether government anticipate for sugar price flactuations or not, the minister responded that the government can’t plan for natural calamities lile climate changes and added that Uganda is actually doing better in East Africa.

” We can’t plan for natural calamities like climate change. Uganda is actually doing better in East Africa; Tanzania is struggling, Rwanda is importing from Zambia,” she said.

Few months ago, a kilogram of sugar was costing between shs 2500 and shs 3000 but now it costs shs 5000.