By Watchdog reporter

The mention of a word “Basama”,names like Medie Moore,King Lawrence, Cameroon Gitawo,Katsha De Bank,Meddie Sentongo,Cheune,Ivan Semwanga,Zaitun Kiligwajo and Zari come to mind. These are the guys that have made it big in South Africa not forgetting others who have have also made it big in other countries in the diaspora like US,Sweden, UK just to mention but a few.

I decided to concentrate more on the basama from South Africa because they are those kind of basama who know what they mean when it comes to showbiz whenever they fly in the country especially during Christmas times.

We always see them during Christmas season. They try so hard to be noticed by throwing money all over in clubs,holding themed parties, posting several photos on Facebook and Instagram posing on flashy cars as well as holding money bags but surprisingly, this time around no one is talking about them,no one is talking about their themed parties that are held every year,maybe apart from Zari who cancelled her annual white party due to family issues, but the rest,nothing. Nothing is being said or written about them.

Is it because they are broke and don’t have money to throw around anymore? Maybe,or maybe not. Lets just watch the space,only time will tell.