By Watchdog reporter

KTN journalist Joy Doreen Biira will have to spend both money and her valuable time in rounds to the police where she is required to report regularly after police slapped on her charges of abating terrorism.

Biira must report regularly to Kasese Regional Police Headquarters to fulfill her bond obligations after she was released from police where she had been detained at the height of Kasese clashes on November 27.

The journalist had put aside her comfort of a newlywed traditionally, and started to tweet about the fights that left the Omusinga Charles Wesley Mumbeere’s palace burnt to ashes and more than a hundred people dead. The footages of Biira unsettled the security in the area and she was told to produce the photographs which she had earlier declined.

The Kasese massacre is one of the worst episodes in the recent Ugandan history where the state security clashed with ordinary citizens.

Omusinga has also been detained and in prison, while his more than 130 subjects are also in different prisons in Western Uganda on several charges including terrorism, murder, and treason.