By Najibu Mulema

The fading controversial city socialite Shanita Namuyimba alias Bad Black was on Tuesday evening arrested by police at Abayita Ababiri police station along Entebbe road for failure to pay her maid’s salary arrears worth shs 2 million. The maid had been looking after her son.

After the arrest, police barred journalists from accessing the broke socialite and its alleged that she had bribed the officers to save her from humiliation which the journalists would bring her in case they take ashaming photos of her while at a police station.

Bad Black was briefly detained, after clearing the debt she was set free.

Early this week during an interview with the New vision,the’mudguard’ singer,promised to buy her former British boyfriend, David Greenhalgh a car and also give him a land title so that the two can reconcile.

So we be here wondering how a person who had failed to clear a debt of shs 2 million could manage to buy multi million assets.